Answered By: Kaitlin Crotty
Last Updated: Oct 13, 2023     Views: 223

If you're having issues accessing library resources from off-campus or when using campus wifi, you can use the Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) instead!  Just follow the steps below:

1. Visit and log in with your RSU login:

Two screenshots side by side.  The left one shows the Microsoft Sign In box where you type your RSU email.  The example used is "".  At the bottom are two buttons, a grey button that reads "back" and a blue button that reads "next."  The blue button is circled in red.  A large red arrow is centered between the two screenshots noting the transition from first to second.  The second screenshot shows the Microsoft Enter Password box where you will enter your RSU password to log in.  A blue button at the bottom reads "Sign In" and is circled in red.


2. Select the Student Desktop:

A screenshot of the virtual desktop selection screen.  The option for "Student Deskop" is emphasized and circled in red.


3. Select and approve the resources and functions that the remote connection is allowed to access:

A screenshot of the box that appears on the screen after desktop selection, indictating to select the local resources that the remote computer is allowed to access.  The options for Clipboard, Microphone, File transfer, and Printer are selected.  Camera is not selected.  There are two buttons at the bottom for Allow and Cancel.  The blue Allow button is circled in red.


4. Once the connection is established, select and complete your preferred identification verification method:

A screenshot of the pop-up from Microsoft asking users to verify their identity.  The phone text verification option is visible and circled in red.


5. Allow the remote desktop connection:

A screenshot of a pop-up window that appears after identity verification, asking permission to "allow remote desktop connection?"  This notes that you are attempting to connect to a remote device and you have the options to say No or Yes.  The blue Yes button is circled in red.


6. Once the virtual desktop loads, locate the double-headed arrow in the top right of the VDI window and select it to enter fullscreen mode:

A screenshot from within the fully connected virtual desktop depicting the tool buttons in the top right of the window.  There is a double-ended diagonal arrow icon with the hovertext "Enter fullscreen" visible, and both the icon and hovertext are circled in a single red circle.  This icon allows the user to enter fullscreen mode for the virtual desktop.


7. Select Google Chrome on the VDI, and navigate to

Two screenshots side by side.  The one on the left is of the virtual desktop displaying two icon options.  The first is the Recycle Bin, and below that is the Google Chrome icon in its standard red, green, yellow and blue tones, and the Google Chrome icon is circled in red.  The screenshot on the right is a screenshot of the RSU libraries website, demonstrating that by using the virtual desktop to access Google Chrome, you can access the RSU Library page to conduct your research.


If you have questions, please contact the library at (918)343-7716.