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Saving to your Google Drive with your student email

  1. Log onto your student email.

  2. You can do this by going to the current student tab on the website.

  3. It is located under online resources. The fourth one from the top, it is called Student Webmail. You will log in with

  4. If it is your first time logging onto your student email than you will need to use your student ID number as your password you will be prompt to reset it.

  5. Locating the drive

  6. Once you are logged on go to the right of the screen in between your name and the bell icon there is a “grid” icon.

  7. Click on this icon to cause a menu to open up, once it does click on the icon labeled Drive it looks like the logo for recycling.

  8. You will be redirected to your Google Drive.

  9. Saving to your Google Drive

  10. In order to save to your Google drive you have to save the document to the computer you are using.

  11. Be sure you remember where you saved it at. The easiest would be under documents.

  12. Once you have it saved you will need to upload it to your drive. To do this you will need to click on the icon that has an arrow pointing up with a line under it.

  13. Once you do this you will need to click on the files section. You will need to select your document and click the open button. Once this is done your file will start to upload.

  14. Once your file is uploaded you will be able to access it anywhere you can get online.

  15. In order to access your document you have to be logged into your student webmail account.

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